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About us

Welcome to seekerOn!

SeekerOn is a young company making its appearance on the market with the ambitious goal of creating the best recruiting platform for the IT industry in Ukraine.

What do we want?

To offer a quality tool for dialog between leaders of IT companies , IT specialists and students.

What do we propose?

For Companies: A convenient interface for finding specialists to fill vacant positions or talented students for internships as well as a platform for direct dialogue with universities with the possibility to promote your own initiatives.

For Specialists: The most comprehensive platform with listings of available job vacancies, information about the most recent news and trends in the IT industry, and the latest requirements of the job market.

For Students: We are the first resource in Ukraine offering listings of IT company internships in Ukraine and abroad. An internship can complement your university education, allowing you to traverse the path from intern to specialist and graduate from university with confirmed work experience in a variety of interesting and complex IT projects.

For Universities:  A platform dedicated to available internships in leading IT companies, the most recent news and development trends within the world of IT, the changing demands of the job market, advertisements of IT events, and listings for offers of additional IT training.

The number of registered users is growing larger every day which means the chances of finding what you are looking for are also steadily increasing. We hope that seekerOn will save you a considerable amount of time by making your search for the necessary information as fast and as comfortable as possible.

The team.